Our Consulting Services

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. ~Winston Churchill

Our Strengths & Differentiators

Our consulting services address third party collaborative reproduction involving surrogacy, egg donation, sperm donation and/or a combination of these options. With these options, other topics need to be addressed in order to build the proper foundation for the family building journey.

Our consultants focus on the individual needs of each client, as well as the needs the client may not necessarily know need to be considered.

A vast majority of our clients undergo infertility treatments due to delayed child bearing; as most women do not consider that for many fertility rates begin to decline at age 28. Thus, many of our clients are women in their mid to upper 30’s seeking to accomplish their journey to parenthood through egg donation. This involves using eggs from an egg donor ranging in age from 21 to 30 years old. Other popular treatment options may include egg freezing or surrogacy.

Both egg donation and surrogacy are also popular options for our same-sex male clients seeking to have biological offspring.

Being able to implement a multi-disciplinary team of unbiased professionals including the fertility specialist, embryologists, attorneys, insurance agents, financial and estate planners to suit our client’s individualized needs is truly what differentiates and distinguishes Lotus Blossom Consulting as an industry leader in Patient Advocacy for Infertility patients and families.

  • Exponentially expand pools of egg donor and surrogate candidates
    Helping you to identify candidates suitable to your ideal criteria. Match times typically less than two weeks.
  • Access to candidates not available on public databases
    Through LBC’s proprietary network, unlimited access to qualified and available candidates who meet your specific criteria.
  • Share unlimited number of profiles
    Selecting an egg donor or surrogate profile can be overwhelming and emotional, especially if there are not enough profiles to draw among.  Sometimes desired criteria changes with the opportunity to view from several profiles and a variety of recruiting styles.  Given the vast access of egg donor and surrogate profiles, our consultants can match clients close to desired criteria and typically in less than two weeks.
  • Financial Protection
    In the unlikely event that a surrogate does not pass psychological or medical screenings, Lotus Blossom Consulting will rematch at no additional fee within the shortened two-week match period.
  • Negotiate egg donor and surrogate candidate compensation
    Compensation rates vary regionally across the country.  In most circumstances, these rates are fair and equitable.  However, if surrogate and egg donor requested rates are above industry standard, Lotus Blossom Consulting consultants will negotiate compensation rates with surrogate and or egg donor candidates.
  • Professional referrals and fee discounts
    Lotus Blossom consultants have established strong relationships with unbiased multi-disciplinary professionals across the country.  These relationships have enabled Lotus Blossom Consulting to offer exceptional professional referrals and often generous fee discounts from select professionals including physicians, attorneys, financial and estate planners, and mental health professionals, where applicable.
  • Access to financial and estate planning consultants
    Lotus Blossom Consulting understands the importance of having secure estate plans in place prior to embryo transfer.  To advocate effectively for clients, Lotus Blossom Consulting has established relationships with financial and estate planners familiar with the issues uniquely associated with surrogacy, egg donation, embryo storage and family planning.
  • Assistance for options to finance through fertility centers nationwide and medical lending companies.
    Lotus Blossom Consulting has established opportunities to offer clients discounts on fertility center financing through selected programs nationwide.
  • Financial planning for multiple cycles
    Fertility treatment is expensive.  It is important to plan carefully for the end family building goal and not just one cycle.  Our consultants work with clients on an individualized basis to address your unique situation and help balance hope with caution while addressing your individual risk adversity.
  • Negotiate hospital and OB/Gyn rates
    Insurance benefits for surrogates are often not available.  Choosing and implementing appropriate policies can be expensive and time-consuming.  Our consultants work closely with licensed insurance agents nationwide to address each individual situation and negotiate payment plans with hospitals and physicians for surrogate candidate’s maternity care and delivery.
  • Review existing health and maternity insurance benefits
    It is essential to understand if insurance benefits exist for selected surrogate’s maternity and delivery.  Using this as a starting point, Lotus Blossom Consulting consultants work with licensed insurance agents nationwide to pull together plans and policies to mitigate financial risk factors for all involved parties.

Watch as Mindy, Lotus Blossom Founder, discusses Treatment Advice and Options:


What Our Families Are Saying


Mindy, Thank you for the positive thoughts and energy! We are thrilled with how wonderful our very special donor did. I can’t believe it has been 6 months since this journey began-it has gone by fast. Everyone involved has been amazing and so on their game! I have been impressed with how well-oiled of a machine this all is. Being a bit of a control freak I did need to put lots of faith in others, and we have not been disappointed. Thank you for your high-level of professionalism and attentiveness throughout this process. I will let you know more news when I have some to share!

CK from Chicago, IL

Lotus Blossom Consulting has been instrumental in identifying qualified candidates quickly and efficiently. Their compassionate approach and empathic nature has afforded my patients confidence and clarity about the given cycle and assurance that they have selected a like-minded candidate. From diagnosis to treatment the time frame is significantly reduced. I validate the services, the passion and energy that Mindy has for her work.

Brian Kaplan, MD

Fertility Centers of Illinois

Working with Mindy Berkson of Lotus Blossom Consulting was the best decision my husband and I could have made when we started our surrogacy journey. Within a week of engaging Mindy, she found us a wonderful gestational surrogate. In a few short months, we received medical clearance, signed legal contracts and were ready to begin our IVF cycle. A surrogacy cycle requires the coordination of many things, including medical appointments, psychological screenings, insurance review, escrow funding and legal contracts. Under Mindy’s guidance, nothing was overlooked and things moved forward in a timely manner. Mindy’s insider’s approach, knowledge, and experience in the field of Infertility, as well as her ability to relate to emotional clients on a personal level, gave us confidence and a sense of hope throughout the entire process. We highly recommend Mindy Berkson when it comes to the dream of “creating your family.


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