Simplifying the Surrogacy Process for Our Families

“Family is the most important thing in the world.”  – Princess Diana


Intended Parents Looking for Surrogate Mothers

With so many moving parts to surrogacy it is no wonder the process can be overwhelming. Learning to be your own best advocate and effectively planning financially, physically, legally, and emotionally helps you maximize your chances of success and minimize your financial expenditure.

Plan Financially for Treatments

The first step that Lotus Blossom Consultants helps clients to consider is preparing to pay for treatment and the ancillary costs associated with surrogacy. Finances are specific to individual circumstances. Sometimes savings are available, often the sale of portfolio items are used to fund treatment. A third popular option are various borrowing opportunities. All of the above should be discussed with a tax professional and/or financial planner in the context of your individualized circumstances. It is also vital to plan and prepare for multiple treatment cycles. In our experience, balancing hope with caution is what helps our clients to approach treatment with clear expectations and realistic parameters.

Select a Team

The second step may involve selection of a fertility center, Reproductive Endocrinologist and Embryologist that have above national average success rates for the type of treatment you are exploring, as well as a specialty in treating your specific diagnosis.

Identify a Donor/Surrogate

The third resource is identifying an ideal donor and/or surrogate. Seeking ideal criteria in a perfect stranger is often a very intimate process. There is always some level of risk in the decision making process. Being your own best advocate helps to mitigate and/or eliminate potential stumbling blocks. Identifying a candidate online can be risky since they are not screened and you will not have the benefit of a third party to act as an intermediary. On the other hand, it is necessary to be aware of onerous contracts with recruiting agencies. Lotus Blossom Consultants skirt these issues through careful strategic alliances with national recruiting agencies. Through pre-negotiated arrangements, selection of egg donor and surrogate candidates exponentially increases and financial exposure greatly decreases if that candidate does not meet psychological or medical clearance.


Understand the Law

The fourth component in preparation for your surrogacy arrangement is to understand the legal terrain and how it affects your specific situation. Surrogate friendly states vary across the country. (Surrogate friendly means that parentage may be achieved at some future point after birth.) This varies greatly from state to state. Some require pre-birth orders to include intended parents’ names on the birth certificate after the birth, and other states require a formal adoption after the surrogate delivers. Other states are favorable for intended parents’ names on the birth certificate at birth, as long as one parent is biologically related to the child. Further, often how the embryos are created, and with whose biological material is relevant to the big picture. Thus, the individualized situation can and does impact the selection of a surrogate candidate. Finally, selecting a surrogate with like-minded intentions for the term of the pregnancy is essential. Lotus Blossom consultants spend considerable time with each client to determine criteria and desires for invasive procedures you may require during the pregnancy specific to your individualized situation.

Why Choose Lotus Blossom Consulting for Your Surrogacy Arrangement?

Because our pools of available surrogates are so large, we are able to effectively meet desired criteria in a shortened time frame, typically within two weeks.  This reduced match time in meeting like-minded surrogates is comforting and it enables clients to quickly reach a goal of embryo transfer quickly.  This time frame, streamlined with pre-negotiated agreements that Lotus Blossom has with each agency enables us to allay financial risk for intended parents that are often prevalent in agency contracts.  Agency fees are refundable if surrogates do not pass psychological evaluation or medical clearance determined by your physician.

Other Things To Consider

Our counsel continues through the surrogacy arrangement because there is still more to consider. Most health insurance policies have exclusions for surrogates. Therefore, it is essential to analyze policy alternatives that may help you save thousands of dollars in the future. Some states offer maternity policies, others offer nothing. Disability and complications- only polices may often be purchased to offset financial risk. But it is the gap analysis performed by the licensed insurance agent that may help uncover what is best for your given situation, the surrogate, the state where she will deliver, and how these factors impact your individual risk adversity given your personal financial situation.

Another extremely important and often overlooked resource in family building is estate planning. Prior to surrogates going to embryo transfer it is essential to engage an estate planner to draft directives and desires and prepare effectively for any unforeseen circumstances. This provides the most protections for all involved parties including your unborn offspring.

Building the foundation for treatment is essential. Know all available options, research the viability of each options and interview several reproductive specialists to determine if you are in the right place. These are all very relevant factors to consider before our clients begin their journey to parenthood.

Lotus Blossom Consultant’s mission is to provide education and information through an insider’s perspective so that our clients can make educated decisions before they pursue treatment options. Making informed medical decisions is the best way to maximize our clients chances of success and minimize their financial expenditure.

Surrogacy Journey Testimonials

Working with Mindy Berkson of Lotus Blossom Consulting was the best decision my husband and I could have made when we started our surrogacy journey. Within a week of engaging Mindy, she found us a wonderful gestational surrogate. In a few short months, we received medical clearance, signed legal contracts and were ready to begin our IVF cycle. A surrogacy cycle requires the coordination of many things, including medical appointments, psychological screenings, insurance review, escrow funding and legal contracts. Under Mindy’s guidance, nothing was overlooked and things moved forward in a timely manner. Mindy’s insider’s approach, knowledge and experience in the field of Infertility, as well as her ability to relate to emotional clients on a personal level, gave us confidence and a sense of hope throughout the entire process. We highly recommend Mindy Berkson when it comes to the dream of “creating your family.


Westport, Connecticut, The Perfect Decision


Words alone cannot express our gratitude for all your help and guidance in making our dreams of parenthood a reality! There were certainly many moments of rockiness during our journey, but each and every step of the way you eased the burden and shed light in a new direction. This is the first Christmas as a united family and we are so grateful to be here. Thank you for being our guiding light. Thank you for your insight, your wisdom, your determination to find for us our beautiful and selfless egg donor and our lovely genuine and committed surrogate. Our life is now so full because of you.

Best wishes for a blessed New Year,

Tammy, Joe and our little blessings

New York, Wishing for Your Family What You Created for US

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