Coming to the United States for healthcare treatment is not a new concept. Many people come to the United States for fertility treatments and resources such as egg donors, sperm donors, and surrogates that they cannot identify in their home countries because of unfavorable legal restrictions.

Traveling across borders involves embarking on an unknown journey when exploring options in foreign countries. Knowing how to identify appropriate resources and engaging unbiased professionals can be risky and sometimes a bit overwhelming and scary. Our goal is to make the process manageable, friendly and see you return home with a healthy baby to cherish.

When you work with the fertility consultants at Lotus Blossom Consulting, you will be assisted every step of the way so that you can secure your ideal team of nationwide professionals to finding the surrogate and/or egg donor to maximize your chances of realizing your dream of parenthood. With access to multidisciplinary professionals across the country, Lotus Blossom Consulting consultants work with each case to produce appropriate resources to suit specific criterion, as well as address the emotional, physical and financial needs of each client

Because the laws for parentage are specific to and vary from state to state, we will only share profiles of qualified and available surrogates with you from states where your names will be on the birth certificate at birth or shortly thereafter. Birth certificate(s) and social security number(s) will be processed, and passports acquired so that you may return home with your baby(ies) a short time after birth.

But our work does not stop there. Even after the birth, we work closely with teams of immigration attorneys and estate planners to ensure that intended parent(s) are well informed and educated about the advantages and disadvantages of various options. This is critical to the decision-making process at birth, as it can greatly affect the ability to legally return to your home country with your child(ren), as well as impact the future lifestyle of your new family unit.

There are many issues to consider with regard to United States and dual citizenships when pursuing international surrogacy arrangements, and Lotus Blossom Consulting provides resources to cover all bases and address the wide range of issues relating to, but not limited to United States citizenship at birth. The consult also includes investigation of other elements that include acquiring a passport, social security number for newborns, and taxation as a United States citizen and possibly renunciation of United States citizenship for tax purposes.

Working with our consultants will help you streamline the process from beginning to birth, and most importantly, help you maximize your chances of success and minimize your financial expenditure.