Why International Men and Women Turn to Lotus to Build Their Families

Since starting Lotus Blossom Consulting 10 years ago, I’ve seen a tremendous increase in the number of men and women from across the globe who have trusted us to help them build their families through surrogacy and/or egg donation. While there are many reasons for seeking our services and traveling overseas, including our success rate and our network of surrogates and egg donors, one of the main reasons intended parents need to leave their homeland is due to the legalities and stringent laws surrounding surrogacy (as a recent New York Times article suggests).

In several countries, payment to a woman for carrying a child (be it commercial or altruistic) is forbidden and the penalty can be costly – both financially and emotionally. Believe it or not, in many countries, surrogacy can result in jail time.

The United States is one of less than ten countries in the world that permits surrogacy, so many international families, couples, single men and women flock to the various states to find a surrogate. But, why is it illegal. Below are just some of the reasons…

  • Many governments believe that it’s not in the child’s best interest to be raised in a womb separate from the egg donor.
  • Some governments believe commercial (paid) surrogacy is exploitative of poor women.
  • Governments like Saudi Arabia, or governments run by leaders heavily-influenced by religious principles, have made surrogacy illegal to adhere to religious doctrine.
  • Some countries are concerned with lack of responsibility; either by the surrogate mother who will refuse to give up the child and thus care for it as a single mother, or by the potential parents who may decide that they no longer want the child.
  • Surrogacy often leads to twin and triplet pregnancies, which can be combative with abortion politics if parents feel they can only handle one child.

In the United States, approximately 2,000 babies a year are born through surrogacy. Surrogacy is nothing new for America, as the first international surrogate in the U.S. occurred almost 30 years ago and, since then surrogacy has tripled.

Lotus Blossom Consulting has also seen a rise in the number of babies born through surrogacy. Thanks to our national network of surrogates and egg donors, our clients are able to fulfill their dreams of parenthood.  Thanks to our wonderful network of special surrogates International men and women turn to Lotus Blossom Consulting to build their families.