Once childless couple enjoys love in their home this holiday season thanks to a surrogate

Berkson helped the Zachariahs build a family that once didn’t seem possible 

For childless couples that want children, the holiday season can be a lonely time.

Cheryl and Brian Zachariah of Chicago know what it’s like to have a home that’s quieter than they’d like not just during the holidays, but every day. They experienced several failed pregnancies and after two years, decided to enlist the help of a surrogate.

Thanks to them opening their options to building a family, a 2-year-old son brightens their home and lives this holiday season.

“Every day was a struggle, not just the holidays, but certain holidays and events are extra difficult,” Cheryl Zachariah said. “When you want to be a mother or father you begin to see families everywhere. Even though you are happy for them, there is a deep pulling inside that makes you ask yourself, ‘why not us?  We have so much love to give.’

“Eventually you learn to live with this constant longing like a shadow behind your heart.”

The Zachariahs were referred to Mindy Berkson at Lotus Blossom Consulting by reproductive endocrinologist, Angeline Belstos, M.D.

Berkson, who helps couples and individuals worldwide build families when they are unable to do so naturally, helped the Zachariahs find a background-checked surrogate mother to carry their child within one week. They are now working together in hopes of adding another child to their family.

“It may be cliché to say that no words can describe how it feels when your child finally arrives, but it is true,” Cheryl Zachariah said. “It was three long hard years with many ups and downs before our son reached our arms and made us a family. “I kept asking if this was real, that he was really here.

“It was all so surreal and we couldn’t stop smiling. We would both just stare at him for hours (when we weren’t changing, feeding, burping, etc.). During times of reflection, which the holidays often bring, we are truly grateful for what we have and don’t take a thing for granted.

“Mindy helped us to achieve that dream of being parents and brought hope and light back into our hearts.”